Storybird or how to create a story

One of the most effective ways of motivating children is presenting the contents by an attractive way. In this post I recommend you a webpage I found the other day . It offers the possibility of creating a story in a simple way.

Just have a look at this example and tell me what you think about it!!

23 easy verbs to remember

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We can find a lot of resources in the Internet. My favourite web is

There are a lot of activities such as games, stories or videos with which we can work on listening, speaking, reading or writing.


Here we have a story about a giant being naughty around the world

It is an interesting story also for teacher because it give us the possibility to work as a project liked with another subjects as Science (Geography) or Plastic Arts.

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What do you know about English people?

You have been studying English for several years and you find a lot of things in your daily life that are written in English that you can understand now. That is good! but… what do you know about the English culture? How many people in the world speak English? How many contries you can visit where English is spoken? Which famous people can you talk to in English?

Just pressing this link you will find the answers!!


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Present or future?

Surfing the web I have found another interesting video that showing us that it is easy to implement ITCs in a classroom using simple technology. The video is focused on the interactive whiteboard and all possibilities of its use are shown.

It is a clear example of the increase of interaction that it is gained with the use of technology tools.

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Welcome to Tics for Kids!

This is a blog created for teachers. Its goal is to reflect about the use of the ITC tools in a classroom but also to provide interesting information and practical examples that children can interact with.

As an introduction in the subject I propose you a video that explains the Top 10 reasons to use technology in Education. I hope you enjoy it!.

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